At first sight, it seems that the development of ‘hardware’ products hardly differs from that of Internet of Things devices. But it differs a lot.

Alex Pyshkin, the R&D Director of notAnotherOne, shares his thoughts on whether there is a convenient and simple methodology for creating an IoT device.


In this digest, you will learn about new trends in wearables, Volvo self-driving cars, how Facebook’s VR has benefited from the pandemic, and meet Google product managers. We hope you enjoy.

Photo by Lucrezia Carnelos on Unsplash

1. Wearables: future Apple smart rings may implement a UWB technology

5 rules to remember about Factory Audit when setting up a production in Asia

Learned hard, from own experience…

by Vera Kozyr

The gadgets world is amazing. New ideas pop up here and there every day, some of them really worth doing. …


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